Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An edge between FL and SL: The future of the internet radio...

Yesterday there was a "silence day" for the internet radio.

The folks dealing with the music apparently do not like the fact that the world is *changing*. They think that the cash cow does not bring enough milk, and the internet radios have a great potential for being milked more.

And while the clever folks note that the world is flattening, the others seemingly fail to realise that.

If you happen to read this from the US - take a look, for example, at DI's coverage of this gem of human creativity of a happening, buzz your nearest authorized bureaucracy representative and bug about that.

In parallel, I think we should just shift the focus towards the CC-licensed music, such that this problem disappears. Although, indeed, there will always be people who do not honor the CC licensing, but heck, CC would at least allow to limit their profits in the long term.

Quick googling shows that there are already some aggregation points for the CC-licensed music (apologies for "trance bias" - but it's my plat du jour lately)

In short - whining to senators is one thing, but I think a much better move would be just to lure the musicians away from those who want the royalties to those who promote freedom.

"No music - no royalties". And the problem solved for good.

upd: Transfer One + Magicdust EP does sound pretty neat (to my taste, that is). Taste it.

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