Thursday, June 28, 2007

What does it mean - "me", or "you" - to you ?

Maybe that could be a meme#19, or something - if the folks want to do it - feel free =)

I've came to this interesting question, wondering to myself - what constitutes a "SL persona" for me.

In the first life it is all simple and trivial - your friend can not take off one face and put another one. But in SL - it is all very possible.

Different skin - is that still you or not ?

And what if also a different slider values ?

What about the face slider values ?

And conversely - if some other name pops up with the familiar face, skin, etc. - is it the same person as the original one or not ?

What if it is an alt with totally different looks - is it the same persona for you ?


vint said...

Imho an avatar is an avatar. Alts are not supposed to be linked together, but as SL allows us to change our looks that easy, I associate all forms of an avatar I see with the name that avatar wears.

Dalien said...

*grin* Q.E.D. =)