Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The wonders of search...

I find it amusing to look on the analytics how the folks arrive to this blog.

Some of them arrive due to a mischievous title - while seeking for information on color blindness - I should at least do some research on that topic to a bit rehabilitate myself on that.

A lot of folks arrive to look for git and opensim - which is understandable. Apparently the celebrity lookalikes for some terribly stupid reason generates some traffic.

But the most amusing thing I've found was the search query "who got shot in history". I felt terribly puzzled when I saw this, but appears I am a first (!) hit with my photoshoot post from a while ago.

Go figure. I assume the smartness of the search engine has figured that when someone is asking "who [verb-phrase]", the terms "I [verb-phrase]" are the good candidate answers.

I wonder how far are we from the concept-based search. Last time I read on this topic, the opinion from google folks their only love and religion is the statistics. So I'd think that they don't have much feeling towards all this toying with opencycs and link grammars. (Ok, I have to say it was more within the context of some announcement of the newfangled search engine that was promising to change the world - and as it appeared later - i think was just burning the VC capital - so maybe they *do* believe in link grammar parsing in the end - especially given that there're some works about the statistical parsers based on the link grammars - I won't spoil the fun of finding and reading those for you - they're near one of the links above.

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