Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to do business in SL: find a freebie, reduce permissions, resell.

update: the continuation of the story is here.

One of the SL residents has kindly mentioned to me that apparently there's a clone of the primskirtbuilder for sale on the SL Exchange.

In case you prefer to pay L$3500 for a clone, when you can get the original for free, you can visit the seller's page here.

Now, looking at the whole range of products offered by this seller, I suspect that I'm not the only one from whom this undoubtedly entrepreneurial person have "borrowed".

I do not feel like pursuing any legal actions for this person - it's boring.

But I hope you might help me by just exposing this.. err... arguable commercial practice by dropping this person ("coral giha", as it is written) an IM with your opinion about his actions.

I suggest that if you have purchased this item, you grab the original *full permissions* item for free from me, and claim your money back. (hey, and you can drop a fraction of that L$3500 into my tip jar, I would not mind :)


dandellion Kimban said...

As you said while ago when I was rambling about wild market of second life, problem is lack of information and transparency. Everything you give for free should be on SLexchage and onrezz as well.
Reselling freebies is not a crime (though changing permissions on GPL'ed product is), if somebody really wants to give 3500L$ to a crook, that is not our problem. Hopefully, he will learn for the next time.

Dalien said...

well, removal of the license information/original author is something not good - mostly.

It's not a big deal to resell the stuff - like you said, if the people are interested to get rid of L$3500, they are very welcome.

But I've left the note in the "discussion" for this item on the SLExchange - so hopefully they notice :)