Monday, March 24, 2008

A story of Lovebot and Hoebot

Now this is a hell of a funny story - some folks made web-bots, one of them was hooking up the guys and gals who had their profiles marked as "single" :-)

Another one was poking people around. Amusing part is "Hoebot got a couple hundred reactions of „real“ hot chicks inviting him to partys" (also amusing part that the girls were reacting negatively to the Lovebot, and the guys apparently did not mind the "service" :-)

Of course, laughs aside, this is quite a bit lame of a joke (especially the part where they put the names of the 'couples' made by the lovebot) - but I still could not resist to post it here.

This teaches a valuable lesson about the privacy on the internet - there's pretty much none. Especially when you voluntarily publish your personal stuff.

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