Saturday, March 1, 2008

Content IP rights, again...

It's been a while since we last chatted with the folks about the content rigts and associated issues.. Yet, reading Vint's post, I figured I'd react.

Despite of what some people say, the content protection is much less of a technical problem rather than the problem of changing a mentality. Second Life, face it, is all about the economics. And while there is demand, there will always be a suppply.

Now, I'd be terribly interested if any of the content creators would be interested to run an experiment - to offer the "genuine skin" at L$1000, and then somewhere else offer the "stolen skin" at L$100, with the explicit mention that this skin has been stolen and the mention of the place where to buy the genuine skin (and of course to have the genuine skin place have a link to the "stolen skin" place). It might be a very enlightening experiment. I, from my side, can sacrifice a little bit of my reputation and offer the place to distribute the "stolen skin" (I think I still have some place to put the prims on), if anyone comes up with an offer for the content. Obviously, the cash (1/10th of the original price) from the event would be to the author, and the results should be jointly published.

Anyone up for a challenge ? That might be an interesting experience.

I'm tagging this as well as "primskirtbuilder" in case any of the creators using it feel like giving this experiment a shot.

Even though I'm pretty confident that the "pirate" version will certainly outweigh the "genuine" one - there's still a potential economic benefit for the creator due to a possibly bigger volume.

If there're no takers - then let's leave this just as a mental experiment for the readers - think of the above situation, and what choice would you have made, and drop something in the comments - it's interesting to know your opinion :-)

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