Thursday, March 6, 2008

Which version of git to use ?

We've spent a bit of time putting up the git to push the svn updates into an "official" git mirror - but appears the version that is in the debian package is 1.4.something - whereas I have 1.5.something on my box. The difference between the two is quite dramatic - especially with the observed behaviour of the git-svn - when I used it, the end result was some stale files and directories in the git repository - which I do not observe on my git clone.

After a small bit of googling I've found this page on gnome project - which basically dooms the 1.4, even though the reasons are a bit more religious than I'd like them to be :-)

In short - it seems like the git users would need to always run the latest version of git in order for the thing to be usable.

Now, the cool thing is that of course, as usual, in the usual "let the million worlds bloom" motto, there's already a mercurial repository :-)

My conclusion for the git repo on opensim so far is: go for the latest git and install it from source (errgh. this is not too cool, but is there any other choice ?)

Opinions ?

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