Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I call a productive weekend...

It's been a long weekend, and I also took the tuesday off.

I think I like the results:

Date:Sun Mar 23 03:10:08 CET 2008
3261 total

Date:Wed Mar 26 00:22:59 CET 2008
4674 total

4674 lines of C code, headers and comments, that is :-)
So, net 500 lines a day. Well, actually more - as I spent a good 1.5 days debugging a couple of memory corruptions - one caused by a bug in the newly done timer library, the other because the image download code was trying to expand the buffer by a negative amount (not a good idea.) :-)

What it can do so far - not much at all - in a half-prototype way:

- connect :)
- tell the client that the moon, sun and cloud textures are not found (although it persists). If I try to send those, then the client crashes - maybe I need to try a newer version as well.
- move the sun and moon around. This was the easiest one and I shamelessly borrowed the code from the respective module in OpenSim (as well as much of the other code).
- get the dead L$1000 of balance.
- chat with yourself - and you can see yourself chatting in the SL viewer.
- upload a picture - via the caps mechanism. Very simple :)

Now a few days of break to have some "RL work", and then back to the fun :-)

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