Monday, March 31, 2008

Script security in the distributed environment

I won't write yet again that "once you copied something, you lost the control" - so obviourly the source of the scripts has to stay on the original sim (home/inventory sim). Now, how about if we make this even more extremist and keep the whatever binary is there as well (byte code or such) on the home sim ?

This creates a couple of interesting interactions:

1) script creator <-> home sim owner = someone has to pay for the CPU and bandwidth taken by the script execution
2) script creator <-> script owner = now the replication is actually a *constraining* factor for the close-sourced scripts, which means that may be close-sourced scripts might need a "subscription" based model of business to compensate for the (1).
3) script creator <-> script owner's sim owner = possibility to allow to run the script in the non-native environment. What determines whether to allow this or not - an open question.

The coolness of this approach is that it would stimulate the creation of open code, to an extent - since the closed code will accumulate on the home sim and eventually render it almost unusable. But, given the enough backchannel funding from the users (on a service-based model) - this could actually cause a creation of a lot of "closed overlay trees" on top of the grid - and might be a good and interesting thing for the metaverse economy.

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