Sunday, March 30, 2008

The dark post of the week

Melissa posts about "griefers" causing the epileptic seisures in the users after they defaced the website, and ask "what kind of useful purpose do griefers serve" - well, i guess it's hard to give the yes/no answer... I won't comment on any specific occasions, but instead invite you onto a video journey into the darker sides of the human nature.

As a followup to my previous dive into the darker depths of the human interactions, here's another couple of interesting - albeit quite depressing - pieces. Consume with some antidepressant and fresh air :-) Don't view if you are in a stress or are upset. Some of the photos may be NSFW.

The original Milgram experiment:

And if you thought that it was in the dark old age when the humans were just much less self-aware - well, here's the newer results:

And the prof. Philip Zimbardo talking at Google - depending on your local policies, some of the photo there might be NSFW.

And the series of the videos about the original Stanford Prison experiment.

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