Monday, March 10, 2008

The end of the free primskirtbuilder.

I've written about a supposed clone of my primskirtbuilder.

Well, subsequent discussion, where phloughi tizzy helped me understand my mistake with accusing the item without testing, I think the following is the best way to do:

1) Herewith, I bring the public apology to coral giha for apparently accusing the item to be a copycat without the proper study of it.

2) I would like to thank phloughi tizzy for helping me understand my mistake

3) I am now ceasing the distribution of the free full-permissions version of the primskirtbuilder - the item will be sold at L$1500. I think it is a reasonable price to still allow a wide range of folks to use it.

You can find the item inworld, and also at SL Exchange, and OnRez.

Feel free to write up your review if you like.

Indeed, if you still have the "free" version - feel free to give it to the friends, and they can still use the "tips-based" compensation model.


Anonymous said...

I am always the last to know and last to find the good stuff. A great pity indeed!


Judy Palen said...

You may be surprised at the reaction to the increased price.

A lot of people in SL are in "business" by taking free items, repackaging them and reselling them for sometimes very high prices!

For some reason consumers have been trained to think that something that COSTS more is WORTH more!

A lot of people like Warren Buffett have made huge amounts of money by understanding this.

FWIW work continues on the Opensim version with little progress so far.

Dalien said...

Yeah, it seems so. So maybe it is time to make a huge amounts of money for me :-))) in any case it is an interesting economic experiment...