Friday, February 29, 2008

opensim git mirror might soon get a new home

Appears my post on the dev list did find some fans of git - and Sean suggested we might have it on

Needless to say I'm quite excited about this. We did have a lot of discussions about dSCM a while ago, and Mercurial is another very viable alternative - I guess I got "stuck" to git because of the "first love" syndrome - and then mainly used the reviews to strengthen my highly biased point of view :)

I guess for the windows folks with the more pointy-clicky reflexes the git must be a pain in the neck. Although, I did find something which allows to run git on windows - since I am not really much of a windows guy, I do not have any practical experience beyond installing it and getting amazed that I get the whole unixy environment in just around 20 megs of download.

If you have any experience with dSCM usage in the crossplatform environment, that'd be interesting to know...

my current stance is that we should have probably both:
CVS->git, CVS->hg; and then the contributions can be easily pulled back into CVS, and picked up by the respective SCM's merges. (hopefully :)

Again, any practical experience in this area would be very interesting to know about - as mine is limited to merging my own small hacks - which are by definition quite small.

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