Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Opensim: attachments & (unofficial!) git repo

Yesterday I've committed my initial prototype code for attachments, after some hesitation and the discussion with the other folks - even though it is quite ugly, the ugliness was considered low enough for it to be pushed to the trunk.

So - enjoy attachments. Just keep in mind that it barely-works now :) The best you can do is put the cube on the head and run around. (Note, that to take it off, you will have to logout - I did not implement the "Detach" yet). Also - you can only wear the objects from world, not from inventory.

Another new thing I've done is the totally unofficial git repo for the opensim - mainly for my own convenience, but if anyone is interested to use it - feel free.

There are two repositories:

  • http://opensim.be/git/opensim-svn.git/ - the "pristine" mirror of the SVN official trunk. Immutable.
  • http://opensim.be/git/opensim-dt.git/ - "DT-tweaks-in-progress" - the above (the 'master' branch still mirrors SVN), but also contains a few other branches of varying degree of uselessness

Of note in "DT tweaks in progress" repository is the "dht" branch - I'll be playing with opendht/bamboo-dht for the purposes of sim status publishing (and maybe push some more stuff into dht). Currently there's a regionmodule called "DhtBambooModule" which does just that - registers to bamboo dht - the couple of instances that I run on my servers.


Judd said...

OMG, thank you! Finally some development on opensim attachments! :DDDDD!! Please continue this work, OpenSim saves me a fortune in testing and uploads ;~;

Dalien said...

Yeah, although it is very early to call it a "working attachment" :))