Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dear content creators...please help...

EDITED: Thinking about this occasion - maybe it is all not all that bad and I should make a brand "Dalien Talbot" - and use it to help promote smaller enterpreneurs ? What do you think? A lot of small enterprises working together might make a big difference... please drop a note in the comments.

...please ensure you read the documentation (and if there is not one, means that someone has tried to mod the primskirtbuilder and did not do it properly - get the proper copy at the SLUrl on this blog.

Ok, now a longer version. I've got contacted by a SL fashion site for the wonderful clothes I built and for the permission to feature a line of clothes that I made.

So, to write it up once again - I do not make clothes :-)

The primskirtbuilder has in it the prim - which obviously had to be created by me, and which for commercial uses *should* be replaced by yours - otherwise all the skirts will appear as if they were done by yours truly, heheh ;)

Note that there was absolutely no evil intent in doing this - it was simply impossible to get something "working out of the box" otherwise.

Not that I mind the fame and all, but I feel sorry that someone who put a work into creation of a nice stuff, would not get a credit for it.

As such, I'm looking for the designer of the below shown item "reika-sweet". I googled on the name a bit and think that the avatar's person is located in Japan - but maybe this is just a coincidence.

Please locate yourself if you want your name to be featured in the fashion site :-) - I've already sent the mail that it's not my creation, but would be awesome to find the real author :)

Here's the photo of "not my" creation :-)



Anonymous said...

thanks dalien. there i was, about to make you even more famous with my new primbuilder skirts. this explanation makes perfect sense to me. rtfm? ha, i laugh.

Dalien said...

yeah. I have nothing against free publicity, but don't want to get it at the expense of the content creator.

Of course the conspiracy theorists will say it was my evil plan to rule the world... No there was not.

I was thinking of making a sort of "call home" functionality to try to prevent this - but it would've been wrong thing to do.

What do you think, as a content creator, about the idea of "Franchise product line" ? :)

Anonymous said...

my thoughts on creations based on someone else's tools are that the creator should get something back for their hard work. perhaps a percentage of each commercial sale could be returned but all that scripting wizardry is not my ken.

Judy Palen said...


Have you considered making the primskirtbuilder itself a part of the Opensim library?

I have had looprez since it came out, but have not used it much because I expect to migrate to Opensim in the near future.

It seems to me that primskirtbuilder solves one of the major problems with Opensim - lack of really nice clothing.

Failing that, can you give us/me any pointers on getting it to run under Opensim V0.5, at first blush the Opensim script engine looks like it will run the scripts at least.

I am interested enough in this to volunteer programming and testing time to make it happen!

Dalien said...


actually I've not even tried it - not sure if all the functions for it to work are there (it's a quite a few prim operations that it does)

That said, it might be a good testcase..

If you manage to make it work under opensim, I will for sure "BSD-license" it for use with opensim.

There are two components: the platform itself, which contains a script and a dummy prim with a script in it - then the script within the platform rezzes a variable number of the "dummy prims" - and commands them via the chat channel.

Feel free to ping me via gmail - dalienta, if there is any questions I can answer... :)

Judy Palen said...

Thank you, I will work on it as RL life permits and keep you advised!

At a minimum it should provide some good input for OS vers 0.6 features needed!

Dalien said...

The folks are implementing quite a few LSL functions - check with Alondria if she's on IRC (the corresponding page is at

Looking at the list looks like it still might have a challenge to work, but might be an interesting shot :)