Saturday, February 16, 2008

On the topic of adfarms...

LL reacts to the ad pharm problem. Let's take a step back.

Ever wondered why is there so much spam in your mailbox ?

Especially why the stupid things like "Hello, I am [insert name here], the manager of the bank [insert some country], and we have 10 million and I would like to give you 30% for getting the money out" are still there ?

This is the answer - one of the comments on the above SL blog:

"Darn! Wish this was in place before buying ‘ad farm’ parcels at riduculous prices to keep our mainland communty clean."

You only have terrorists while you allow yourself to be terrorized, my friends.

There will be other loopholes out there. You will demand the government to fix them. You will get more rules and regulations, and then in the end whine about the oppressive governments...

Oh well. Up to you, SL residents. We'll see.

(P.s.: this is a much more sensible approach to the problem).

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