Sunday, February 17, 2008

Browsing in-world: a step by step tutorial with no hacks at all

Lillie Yifu writes about the search window capable of displaying arbitrary URL, and suggests that there should be a hack to make an in-world browsing...

Well, it's there since a few months, actually :) and simpler than anyone thinks.

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to get an "in-client browsing":

Step 1: click on your avatar, select "Profile":


Step 2: click the "web" tab:


Step 3: enter the URL you want to browse to, into the URL field:


Step 4: browse as usual:


DO NOT FORGET to put back the "about:blank" afterwards or whatever URL you want to be shown by default - unless you want to tell the world what you were browsing.

Simple, no ? :)


Katharine Berry said...

Even better way: using the First Look client (or possibly others), go to Help, In-World Help, and enter a URL in the unlabelled text box at the top. Or click the "Home" button, which for reasons I don't understand points to

Doing it this way you get a resizable window for your efforts. :p

Lillie Yifu said...

n world help one is better. No security risk and it ha a resize. I'm going to update my post.

Lillie Yifu said...

Updated... it means that there should be a simple menu option for opening a browser, and it should open one window per request.

I rejected the profile route long ago because, not only the security, but while you are reading, web sites will be automatically loaded when someone looks at your profile. This means bandwidth slow downs, and band width costs. While google does not care, many smaller sites do, and sl has many of these.

There's even less reason for the search tab to be crippled, and we should have our choice of search.

Dalien said...

yeah potential security concern is there - OTOH, isn't the URL updated only when you hit "ok" ? If this is not the case - I think this is a bug.

as for the concern of "load when the users view your profile".. usually the traffic figures start to matter at around a gigabyte,
and the pages (should be) around 100k.

which translates into around
10000 requests to a site before they become meaningfully impacting..

but indeed this all is not intended to diminish the root cause, which you correctly point out.

I guess one of the maintainers of the alternative viewers might find it an easy thing to address.

Lillie Yifu said...

this is a JIRA to fix some of the obvious issues with in world browsing.

Dalien said...

Thanks, Lillie, voted ! :)