Monday, May 28, 2007

Vint's prim skirt builder

or, Dalien-fashionista, continued :-)

All right. So here it goes, my modest coding result.
In short - it is an in-world GUI for the LoopRez, with the rotation enhancements that I mentioned in one of the previous posts.

The package includes the manual and everything else, and is distributed under GPL license - so if you are interested, you can peek at the mess of the scripts :-)

I'm very glad that it seems to be a success - a few folks that saw it, gave reactions ranging around "cool", "wow" and similar - so you might try it out too.
Just be sure to RTFM if something does not work according to your expectations.

I'm posting the version 1.01 - which contains a couple of tweaks compared to the version 1.0 that I was trying out with a few people:

  • "precaution timer" for the case where you derez the posing stand and forget to derez the skirt/control prims - they get deleted after some 10-15 minutes. Previously it worked only for control prims, now it works for all prims.
  • texture reset timer (after re-rez) - seems might have been a bug there - I tried to make it more "gentle" - see if it works in all cases now.
  • wiping all prims ("Wipe all..." option in the dialog) now also resets the script.

A few words of caution / known quirks

  1. The textures sometimes do not get re-posted onto the newly recreated skirt when you re-rez it with different number of prims. I think it should be fixed now.
  2. The change of attributes on many objects sometimes creates strange behaviour. This is a bug in SL, I think. For this you can try out the script in the distribution area (see slurl below).

The distribution/try out area is a piece of land in Mindulle, where you can pick up your copy, also rez it and test it out. The plot is set to autoreturn in 120 minutes, so it is a sandbox for all the practical purposes. And a tiny prim limit and small space will help ensure it is used for purposes of testing the primskirtbuilder only :-)

The SLURL is here.

Enjoy, and feel free to write in the replies what you think about it! (bugs/features/etc.)

Update: the characteristics update after the re-rez still seems to be borken.. grr :) workaround: change the texture on the master prim to something else, wait for it to replicate, then change it back...

Update2: setting the high prim limit to 60 maybe was a bit of overkill... let's set it to 30 for now.

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Camron Kuhn said...

Good additions.

Its an amazing script, I can really tell you worked hard and had fun doing it too.