Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A canned cat...

..or, F = m * a

Why "A canned cat" ? If you do not know yet - you will know from the next post... Meantime...

Who said being caged is not fun ? Well, maybe depends by whom. :-) It's a pleasure to be caged by friends.
First, the most charming Vint tried on me the cage weapon that she had. What a great experience! Unfortunately the crashes of my SL client have ruined the nirvana bubble I was in, and it somehow disappeared.

Next was Wrath's turn. His caging gear was more peristent. A comfortable phone-booth-size box, semi-transparent (good, so I did not get too claustrophobic), which was very very kind to me and patiently waited until I login back after the crash. And it was corteously following me immediately after I try to sit on some other object that I had rezzed nearby.

Very handy thing. It is miniature - so you can stack many of these; It has a roof - so even with the new weather enhancements you can have a shelter from the rain; It follows you - so you always have it together with you.

There was one way to seemingly get rid of it which was taking my megalift script, and putting it into a sphere which surrounds both me and the cage. I tried that, however, due to limited height of the roof - it only made a lot of noise :-)

It seemed unescapable (or inescapable ? Well, impossible to escape - that's for sure). However, thinking of how gently it was following me, I found a way to part with it.

A short detour into the LSL. In order to follow the avatar, you need to know its position. Pretty much the only function to do that is llSensor and friends.

Now, we look at an interesting detail on the wiki: The limit of range is 96m. Values greater than 96m will be accepted but will be treated as 96m. (Vint: not sure where I took the value of 30m that I mentioned - must've been some other function). But at that point in time I had in mind 30m :)

So, rez a usual wooden .5x.5x.5 cube somewhere nearby. Stay in edit mode


  1. Sit on it. The friendly phone booth follows.
  2. Remember the coordinates currently shown.
  3. Start changing one of the coordinates by small increments - due to my delusion I used 20 meter increments, but given the updated info above, a bigger value might suffice as well
  4. The doggie-booth honestly keeps following you. All according to specs. Good job!
  5. Once the distance from the original point is big enough (I moved away 200+ meters), set in the editor the original position that you have remembered.
  6. The cage can not see you anymore, so now you arrive alone on your cube, safe and sound. Stand up and clean up your "saviour" cube.
  7. Voila! :-)

We could not find back the cage. Wrath said he commanded it to deactivate, and never heard from it. I suspect that it simply got too upset from my evil trick of leaving it alone in the open space, with noone to admire its faithfulness, and it evaporated because of infinite sadness that only the loneliness in the middle of the black sky full of stars can cause.


Alex Burgess said...

Thanks for the primer on escaping cages--most excellent, sir! Do you know of a way to forceably unsit an av?

Wrath said...

Ha! You don't hold back any punches, do ya, Alex?? Getting right to the point, hehe.

And how about it, Dalien - can you help us in our quest to find the unsit key?

Excellent write-up on the cage escape methods you employed - your efforts have not gone unnoticed, o wise one. Looking forward to further exploits reasearch.

Dalien said...

alex, wrath: unsit key ?

in the LSL there is a function for that - llUnsit... :)

or you were looking for something else ?

wrath said...

Well, Dalien, you certainly know way more about scripts than I ever will, so I am not sure if llUnsit would work - however, my suspicion is that you have to be the owner of the land for it to be used?

No, we are chasing down the myth that there are ways to affect an avatar when they are sitting on an object. (When I sat on the ground, I was able to be orbited, for example. When I sat on a cube, no effect.) Rumours abound of 'unsit bullets' - ammunition that can indeed affect someone sitting down.

Being seated is generally a good defense, but we're curious if there are any holes in that plan that we need to learn how to defend against.

Dalien said...

wrath: ahha. so "unsit bullet" is just a wordplay then :)

This sounds like an interesting thing to try. One day I will need to ask someone to help with getting those ideas to behave, otherwise there're too many of them, they make noises and generally do not well-behave :-)