Wednesday, May 23, 2007

About the cat...

Oh, so, about the cat ?...

When I had read about the bloggers meeting, I figured I'd get something relevant - blogging for just about a week, and even coming without the ears, and whiskers, and all - that would have been a gaping violation of the netiquette.

So, I went ahead and hit the search with the keyword "neko". Unfortunately the shop I found myself in was heavily deviated towards the neko females (everything is relative - I would need to look at that from the female perspective one day too) - so I was sitting there, scratching my hopefully-soon-too-be-neko-head, unsure what to do. Luckily, there was a guy passing by, and I started asking... he pointed me to the place where I had some more luck.

The first thing I bought, was this cute little pet:

My pet

It's just so cute. I simply could not help but adopt one. So now someone can sit on my shoulder also in SL and suck some blood. Helps the pressure, and I have a hope of teaching it one time something useful... like, maybe, he can help escape the traps if I teach it - so I do not donate all of this blood for nothing... But the positive sides - it does not complain.

Anyway, after getting myself a little pet, I went and grabbed a nice black skin and all the other accessories. So, now I have the ears, and whiskers, and all!

Besides, there's some very practical aspect to it - the clothing. Since the paws work pretty well in all weather, and the pants do not look all too well when they are halfway hidden by the paws - the only remaining piece to pay attention to is the shirt. And the black sunglasses, of course.

So, now I got a full right to demand a ginger beer, and after that, go and search for the door into the summer... It's been long overdue.

The door into summer


vint said...

You bought the pet first? Lmao. That's almost like first buying shoes and then the rest of the outfit to match. I would never... Oh... wait... :D

And summer's back (and long live wifi!) :D

Camron Kuhn said...

A bloodsucker? No thanks.

Dalien said...

Vint: Of course the pet went first. And aren't the shoes the most important part of the outfit anyway ? :-) re. summer - yes, almost...

Camron: It's on purpose. Once it grows up and no longer needs me, I will donate it to red cross and get a new one. :)