Monday, May 28, 2007

Pictures, dude, you forgot pictures!!!

Oh, indeed - after looking at the screen of SL client for a few days I thought I can make a blog posting without them - naaah, does not look cool.

I've fixed the annoying bug with the texture/colors not reapplied if you rerez different number of prims, also added a small random delay for each prim when it applies the parameters (might be of some use to limit the asset server bashing), also added the "News..." button to jump directly to the news on this blog related to this device. (consequently, the most current version is 1.02 - you can grab it by searching in places for "primskirtbuilder" and going there).

Now, the pictures:


Me, standing on the posing stand, with the skirt prototype (under me in the awkward place :), and control prims (left and right from me).


Yours truly, after doing some manipulations to the prim on the left (changed size, texture, color, transpareny and position) - you can see that the whole skirt prototype has changed.


Once I was satisfied that I probably made the ugliest looking skirt in SL ever, I click on it and select "Link...". It asks the permissions, and after a short while - moves to the left - ready-made object with the green ball being the root prim...


I am trying to put this wonderful creation on my head...


And suddenly it turns alive, this aggressive out-of-space alien medusa - starts flying away and attacks me with blu-rays!

...Appears that fashion is a rather dangerous occupation, did not know that. So, be careful! :)


Wrath said...

Whoa! Why aren't all flexi-prim skirts made with particle effects?? I like it!

Eileen said...

Just tried it. It works great.
Thank you very much.

Dalien said...

Wrath: :-) (of course, none of them comes by default :)

Eileen: cool, feel free to re-distribute :-)))

Torley said...

Do you speak Russian too? :D

Vint Falken just sent one of these to me, so I'm reading your blog now. Thanks for making it! :)

Dalien said...

Torley: yes, I do speak russian :-)

It was a very pleasant little experiment and I am quite glad people seem to like it :-)