Sunday, May 20, 2007

re: your inquiry

[Re: your inquiry ]

Dear Veyron,

First of all, I would personally like to thank you for all of your interest and the active help to Vint regarding this - and I am sure that she does appreciate your efforts on this matter.

This item was already put on the agenda, however, it was determined that due to some environmental constraints it will not be pursued at this point in time. Nonetheless, if and when these constraints are resolved, the proposed action will be reconsidered as a matter of urgency.

Your interest on the subject is much appreciated, and you will be certainly notified, should there be further developments on this subject.

It should be specifically noted, that any attempts to impact the decision-making process, including, but not limited to:

  1. spoofing the participants' conversation by means of shouting retransmitter objects with the same names as participants (not only it looks green, but also disrupts the normal flow of conversation with shouts)

  2. using the dance and clothes (or lack of thereof) as a bribing mechanism

  3. threatening with the stick, gun, or any other weapon

will be gratefully accepted as a means of amusement, but they will have no influence whatsoever on the results.

However, rest assured that we do take the feedback into the account - so if you have any constructive suggestions on the removal of the abovementioned enviromnental constraints that are blocking the implementation, they will be listened to and their feasibility for the context will be studied with the utmost attention.

Kind regards,

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