Friday, May 25, 2007

Not-a-meme #17: State Thy Groups

My variant of a not-a-meme#17 suggested by Vint..


As it looks I still have a couple of slots in the space - only 23 groups. So if someone invites me to a group I do not like to join to, I will have to tell the truth! :)

All right, let's start.

  • none - never found a good use for this one, but I think I will keep it, since not sure what happens if I leave it..
  • 555 staff - indeed, rezzing group for my land, without it - no build, no scripts, no nothing. The name has a funny history with my club... maybe some other day.
  • Beach Club VIP - a very nice open-air venue on the beach. I played there once, maybe will play again one day (one of the difficulties is my timezone). Live music events are very frequent. If you come, bring your own danceballs - warns the owner :)
  • Cirque Mystique - I found this place once just by random clicking, nice techno/rave/trance music - sometimes live DJ. Good for clubbing when the mood is there but the weather sucks.
  • Crazy Sharks - One of the big music venues in SL, entire sim, they usually have 3-artist runs. Big part of the music-infected gang shows up there every now and then.
  • Dalien's personal spam box - in theory, that's the group for me to spam others about my gigs. Was not actively used for a few months, seems a bit rusty. I tried using it today for my today's gig - seems it worked, although after a while.
  • Dann's Fanns - group for Dann Numbers' fans. The advertizements very frequently overlap with Crazy Sharks and other musical groups, so I'll optimize it out. (Dann: no offence whatsoever, please :)
  • Eshi's friends - a friend artist, friend of Luigi (I think :), however, this group had never been used... I'll optimize it out too - again, nothing personal, Eshi :-)
  • Freudian Slip - fantastic music venue, open air, water, fun audience (thanks Salome and Ilyana for giving me the opportunity to play there) - it is a marvellous place. They had a break in the events for some while, but I think now are restarting. The best performance there was a trio, with two guys being in one location, the third guy being in the other location. It was pretty damn good. (Makes a note to find out and drag someone-I-know there once there is a good show)
  • Friends of Coyote Gallery - This is my neighbours couple, Zak and Kat - their plots are neighbouring some of mine.
    Should still find out if they finally finished their live music venue. Would be convenient.
  • GinkoTec Financial - this is a bank where I sometimes store some money.
  • Julian Vesta's Bathroom - if you haven't heard this guy yet, you should.
  • Kat's Konnection - a live music event where the artists come and play 3-4 songs in front of venue owners, held by kat Vargas. Lots of fun and very useful, except the timing is difficult.. - monday (if I remember well) late night for me...
  • Komuso's Fans of the Blues - this is also someone you might wanna hear if you like blues.
  • Live Music Enthusiasts - a huge group for event-announcements, founded by Astrin Few - the first SL live musician, I think. Sometimes there is some spam, however I learned about the "Ignore" button, and once a few people were muted - it is very acceptable. (Astrin plays in Freudian slip - at least in the above mentioned trio he was the "third" :) (or the "first" - since he was mixing the resulting stream and streaming it out).
  • Luigi Live - my friend Luigi DiPrima, plays nice relaxing tunes, I like to pay him a visit every now and then.
  • Pal of Preciousse - another musician's group, nice songs, good voice.
  • Paradise Lost... - ok - this one has some funny history :-)
  • Primforge - a group of building/scripting friends, they do some fun stuff.
  • Rhythm Collective - the group for Maximillian Kleene, yet another musician. Thank you Max for the yesterday evening, we did enjoy it!
  • Second Life Bloggers - once I revived my old typing habit, Vint got me into this group :-) Slowly getting acquainted with a bunch of fun folks.
  • Second Life Music - another group, I think this is another one where the evil people send the DJ-spam. Ignore works here as well, so let's keep it.
  • Spunky BT's Dance Club - I was once supposed to play there, but there was an organizational mess-up, and the thing did not happen. Still keeping on the list, need to ping them..
  • The Cherry Land and Staff - my first music venue - and again thanks to Cheribomb Tripp for hosting me today :-) (also: awesome sofas with very nice sitting poseballs :-)

hmm. I think my set of group can not boast much diversity...


Camron Kuhn said...

Heh... I dont think none counts as a group.

I only have 2 groups as of now.

Dalien said...

:-) for all the practical purposes it is a group - you can select it.

And it is the group with the least spam I've seen so far :)