Saturday, May 19, 2007


I've been saying that the SL, being a very complex abstraction of a human existence, leaks. The evening today was idle and laggy on SL and for a change I was refreshing myself over the SL goodies on the web that I periodically keep an eye on - opensim and libsl.

Once upon a time, on a cold January evening (or December that was), I was having this exciting idea about making the scripted display board with texture to show the text dynamically. But it was a lot of prims, and at that time I did not have enough prim limit on my land. I've TP-d to one of the quieter sandbox landmarks that I gathered during the initial times in SL - "Kula sandbox" it was called, I think, and started building - copying and pasting the prims, since I wanted to make a 24x6 display - a lot of prims.

"What are you doing ?" - came the question from behind my back. - "Display board. Why?". "This is not a sandbox". "Oh, sorry". Apparently while I was "growing up" in SL, the purpose of that land had changed, and it was his land. He did not try to push me out or shoot, was just waiting patiently till I go. He appeared to be doing some Ruby as well, so we talked a few, and had some IM chats later on, but not much. So I can not say I know him all that well.

But having him in my friend list, I can not avoid to write this, even though I am almost a month late...

I think the immortality is when people remember you.

Jesse's work on libsl will not be forgotten.

This post is in memory of Jesse Higginbotham, SL Jesse Malthus - a young and a very bright guy that had passed away on the 19th of April following a tragic car accident.

My friend that I did almost did not know - maybe we meet on the other side one of these days and we can fix that.