Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dalien Fashionista and other random bursts of creativity

First, I've got a 1st Life picture in the profile now. I can really say that with my photoshop (well, actually, GIMP) skills, I can be proud of it.

Second - a new song. Took me a while to record anything sounding slightly less than catastrophic since the range of it is a bit too much than I normally have. So feel free to listen, but pay attention to the importance of the things:

  1. Mood
  2. Music
  3. Words/Grammar

So if you have a better lyrics to place there... I will be happy to get rid of the default placeholder.

And finally, the third but the most interesting one - is the LoopRez script in action:

First, the default script is very easy - it takes a prim (in the left-top), and makes an ellipse out of its copies.

RezLoop - unmodified

Then I started to tweak the script - as a first step, I wanted the odd and even pieces to have the different angle. This caused the creation of something which looks like... hmm... I do not know how it looks like, you say it!

RezLoop - tweaked

I am experimenting to get rid of the "messed up top sides" effect, but do not have a universal solution now - will post it when it is ready.

p.s. the last event for today is that I obtained a pair of cool sunglasses, which I did not forget to show off in the above. Now I can fearlessly work with the light-emitting prims! :)


vint said...

Slash me really digs the song. Love your voice! (But already told you that. :p)

And I'm glad to see you're finally becoming interested in fashion. =d

Dalien said...

Glad you liked it! :) The previous re-recording (the one you are listening is #5 or such) almost made me throw the whole thing into the trash - good thing i did not do it :)

And fashion is indeed a very cool area for the research .-)