Monday, May 14, 2007

The Other Universe#1: It's damn hard to be a girl...

I do have a girlie alt - just for research purposes, and to get some time alone when I want to. I did not use it for a long while (oh well, I did not get to SL almost at all in the past couple of months), but I think it might be fun to record the experiences "from the other side" here. So, I decided to pimp my alt with new goodies.....

This reminded me of what the hoops the women have to go through, just to go through the ordinary life situations, that men do not even think of..

I've a nice red dress, but only blach shoes with thick heels, which do not fit this dress at all. Damn! Ok, an attack on the shop, and I have a pair of wonderful shoes with ao as well. Fantastic - so do I do something with my skin now, or not ?
It looks too dark, and not so many details... Ok, decided, let's go and buy the new one and pimp up the looks.

The owner of the shop is very helpful, and together we select some skin, among the cheaper ones - just L800, but it seems to fit.

Ok, now that I have all the goodies, definitely more suitable underwear is needed. Attack the other shop. They all fight very rigorously, leaving the wounds of 300L to 700L at a time.. Good thing that Dalien would not let me down in this battle - so a couple of switchovers to do some money transfers, and I am back in business.

Whoooof. I think I am done, so I can return back and try out all the new things.

Now that I have all these clothes, shoes, underwear, skins, and even one shape - which I eventually did not like at all - I need to organize the mess. So the nice hierarchical tree is growing, and absorbs most of the wardrobe. Cool. Now I can find everything. Maybe... Where did I put that skirt again - was it in "suits", or "dresses" ? Time to create another folder "Skirts"

After a couple of hours of fiddling, everything is in order.

Everything looks great, the only thing I notice... The old skin... looks... much... better.... A-a-a-a-a! So-o-o-me-e-e-one! He-e-e-elp me-e-e-e!

The voice in the background: And do not forget, for *every* event you go to, you have to pick up the appropriate style of clothing, jewelry, and make a proper make-up. Otherwise it's cheating.

All right. Let's keep the cheap skin. I like it much better - and I have to like myself for a starter, right ? Yes, and I promise to make a reasonable effort to dress accordingly, and all.

...To be continued...


Veyron Supercharge said...

Well, try not to have too much fun... But yes, it can be a challenge keeping everything organized and sorted and really having enough to wear.

Also, you're going to need a good skin... I recommend X2. :) At L$4000 for each tan level, it will get expensive fast....

An easy and cheaper way to get ahead of the clothing game is to try working the chair hopping groups. In a few hours you can pick up quite a few freebies of fairly high quality.

Dalien said...

Thanks a lot! :) That paints a fun perspective... Given that I have a difficulty finding the time even for myself, getting onto the chair hopping activities might be tough (well, there is a libsecondlife, so maybe I should try to automate the process, but that could pose even a greater challenge - and I have a stockpile of "hobby projects" which all whine for some of my almost inexistent free time.)

4K for per tan level... wow. Looking at the prices, I did suspect it is a light form of racket, your words only confirm it :-) I think I need to get her to become a road warrior or something - I'd doubt I could make a very good escort, with my tongue-in-the-cheek attitude towards the area :-)

(oh, yeah, my sanity is also a valuable aspect, and even though there are rumours there is not much left, I still have some emergency reserves, but would be a pity to have to use them :-) Running multiple alts gets mentally painful very very fast :)

Tiessa said...

Yes, my folder hierarchy is quite extensive :) (skirts, suits, shorts, tops, dresses, etc. - with casual, dressy, club, and formal versions of each) I also "rank" each outfit on a scale of 1-5 and prepend that number to the name so they sort in the order of my preference. My walk-in closet at home is also stuffed to the brim, but its organized.

I also have various "looks" that I to change into easily - this is when copy permission is your friend.

I put all of a "look" into a single folder - clothes, hair, skin, shape, etc. So I can do a quick "add to outfit" and be completely ready with no other effort tracking down all of the jewelry, etc.

Yes, that means I have lots of copies of my usual shape, skins, eyes, etc.

Dalien said...

ok so seems the only thing I did not reach in my sorting qwest was the ranking (even though I did use this pattern in the other areas outside the SL quite extensively). In any case - thanks for the tip! :)