Saturday, September 29, 2007

testing various stuff

Assorted geek salad.

Today, seeing the announcement about the beta of havoc4, tried it out. Well, seems some folks were load-testing the sim - the chat was quite a bit lagged.

I did not do much playing with the new stuff - T60 in my setup appears to crawl when there are many prims. Probably something not accelerated somewhere. But the good news is that the Nicholaz' linux build that I wrote about a day ago does work fine, so I'll be using it for tests now as well.

One thing which made me suspicious - apparently we seem to have a texture download problem at the moment. On the beta grid I bumped into Yuu Nakamichi, who mentioned he had this on zion, and I verified from a couple of PCs that the textures that are not in cache do not seem to be downloaded.

If someone has the time to do the "bias-independent" check and let me know if this is indeed a problem, would be great - we should definitely track and address this.

The ruth/zion server seems to be back up - so the nightlies and autoupgrades should be working. On the todo list - to use the second server which I have to monitor the availability/reachability of zion, and pull my leg if it is not there. Sigh. Only 24 hours in the day, so not sure when i get to this... Let's hope the server stays up :-)

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