Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday non-tekkie reading

No, I did not go dead. Just an injection of RL for my owner. :)

Meantime, Vint mentions an interesting article by Benjamin Duranske about certain types of individuals that exist within the SL environment.


Much more than the soap operas of the opponent, which I stopped reading a while ago - there are some thoughts in there, but SNR is below the audible threshold.


Benjamin Duranske said...

SNR is low all around on this one.

Better stuff here, generally:

This week's fairly cool news? An avatar -- Aimee Weber -- got a trademark.

FYI - I don't actually link to that piece anywhere on my site. I figure mean, like crazy, outs itself (but a little help doesn't hurt, so happy to see it pop up).

Dalien said...

nah it was fun to read. although I did find that same author much better represented on twitter - since the length of the posts is badly limited, the noise is much less, and there're actually quite a few interesting posts.

re. Avatar and trademark - interesting twist.

If we consider the avatar as a part of the personal cyberidentity - would not it be more logical to apply this part of law, rather than draw a big equal sign with the scripted beds ? :)

Also this creates a precedent which says that any avatar that does *not* have a trademark is free to impersonate ? IRL that's called identity theft, no ?

It's quite a scary thought that in order to protect something that is an "assumed" thing IRL, one would need to explicitly claim it.

(IANAL, so just thinking aloud in maybe lame terms - feel free to correct me...)