Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday tekkies reading: opensim 0.4 released!

Bringing in the yesterday's news is always so easy! Just look at another site, grab the information and write it. Well, at least I never not copypaste and always cite the sources :)

So, this time, from your favourite supplier of the BSD-licensed news, OpenSim, here are the big news:

OpenSim 0.4 released

Grab it here:

Some of my personal and "unofficial" comments / opinions.

Stuff that works:

* standalone mode with one or more regions

Does work :) currently running Ruth with one region - multiple regions consume some more memory; although I might try to enable a second region just for the fun of it - we will need to test the ODE physics on the "bleeding edge".

* basic physics (no object collisions)

works like a charm. If you feel that your av's movements are "jerky" in vertical - well, the height map has 1m precision, I think it is still smoother than if you had to do it IRL :)

* persistence of users, prims, assets, and inventory via sqlite

Yay, Sean! this is the stuff that is tested every night on my Ruth/Zion sim - which automatically upgrades itself every night. Obviously, this process involves the restart.

* basic building, custom texture uploads

Same thing - does work, the proof of this feature working you can again see on Ruth/Zion (assuming the previous one does work all right :)

* avatar editing

This one actually deserves a bit of comment. Till the latest time, the editing of shape/skin/etc. was "not working" unless you create a new shape/skin and wear it - then you can edit the avatar.
Keep this in mind.

(putting on a secret-important face and whispering: totally unofficial - go and check out the latest ODE physics code changes in the nightly build of opensim and tell your opinions. (or simply fool around on ruth opensim server and see if you can crash it :) - and write here if you have any feedback)

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