Friday, September 28, 2007

Linux build of Nicholaz' browser

Apparently there is a new linux build of Nicholaz's bleeding edge version - wonder how many folks have tried it and what the results are...

UPD: works ok, this is good news. :)


dandellion Kimban said...

Tried it just now.... took my outfit with too many attachments and went to bad girls club. There is no less than two dozens girls who are maybe bad, maybe not but certanly have all those complicated hairs and shoes that blings all the time. Survived without crash (though it took a while to cashe all that stuff).
Got out and flied too fast hoping that I'll lose control, fly through the hill and go over the sim border. Nope.
Redirected my launcher to this edition.

Dalien said...

whoa! very nice! I did try some earlier build - but either it did not find the common language with my ATI drivers (T60 - dualcore is coolness, but the linux drivers are a pain) - and it hanged. I'll try it out.

Wonder what the rendering performance would be - on the official viewer it kinda sluggish (but maybe i got spoilt by the more powerful windows desktop :-)

Thanks for the good news - once I try it out, I write the impressions too! :-)

dandellion Kimban said...

update: I was crashing yesterday as crazy, but then I discovered that I forgot to take my drawing distance from 512m.
Today was perfectly happy altcaming and snapshoting from one sim with 30+ avies to the next one that was completely full. :D

Dalien said...

crashing: was it specific for this build, or was it happening with the official viewer too ? :)

Unfortunately for me pretty much any linux client seems to crawl on my T60, so it's hard to say... but at least it seems not to freeze :-)

dandellion Kimban said...

I haven't checked official version for crashing. I just turned it back and forgot about it.