Saturday, September 8, 2007

Megaprims (hugeprims) on opensim

In its best traditions, the opensim brings you, the builders, the useful tools for your opensim building. Thanks to Nebadon Izumi, who was first to try out this technique, any opensim owner can build the hugeprims.

The procedure is quite simple: since the prim sizes are actually client-side limitations, all we need to do is first create the prims, and then edit them on the server manually - using the xml save/load hack:

1) create a prim
2) save-xml myhugeprim.xml
3) edit the definition in myhugeprim.xml in any text editor, and adjust the dimensions (attributes of <Scale ...> tag), save the xml file.
4) delete the inworld prim
5) load-xml myhugeprim.xml

IMPORTANT: the <Scale...> appears *twice* in the XML file - you need to edit both times, otherwise it would not work (this was actually the reason it did not work for me the first time).

Once created, the hugeprim behaves same as any normal prim. And for your amusement, here's some kickass hugeprim extravaganza from Nebadon:


dandellion Kimban said...

hehhee...Nebadon came... :)
btw, how to make megaprim in SL?

Dalien said...

you know Nebadon ? :)

megaprim in SL: I suspect would need some trickery with the libsecondlife and tweak the packets as they go to the server (just a guess) - or maybe by using the libsecondlife testclient... But i never did it there :)

dandellion Kimban said...

I saw people doing megaspheres in front of my eyes. I wanted that more than any skin or shoes in the whole SL.

Anonymous said...

There is no 'Scale..' tag anywhere in the XML file! That makes me a sad panda.

Anonymous said...

Other option

- Create a box or shape you want
- Create a new script
- Set the size you want in llSetPrimitiveParams
- Save the prime and delete the script, do edit the size anymore
* This work's in opensim, not in SL

touch_start(integer total_number)
PRIM_SIZE, <50.0,50.0,0.01>