Saturday, September 8, 2007

SL Loggers not-a-blogo...

Ok, in the previous post I did give some hints about what I had behind this not-a-logo, today I will write them up in full.

First, contrary to what it seems and to what you'd expect - it is not a hand. Yes, the logo of the SL is a hand, but I did not want this to be a distorted logo of SL - so it is a head looking right to left. Now that we've sorted out this basic principle we can go over the elements behind.

1. It's about keeping the balance.

I tried to keep the the complexity to the minimum, at the same time without making it too trivial. Not to use too many colors, and not to have it fully black and white either.

2. It's about sense of humour.

Always keep the tongue in the cheek. As you can see here, the tongue is in the cheek. To ensure no misunderstandings - quite literally. :)

3. It's about curiosity.

I guess looking at this head, if I mention the term "nosey", you will know what I mean.

4. It's about tolerance (no, it's not "his drawing skills just suck, but I be tolerant enough not to say it" - if you thought about this one, try something else)

The haircut of this beast is not exactly the classic business style - and we tolerate it on the picture.

5. It's about more than just writing.

I tried to make the beast such that it looks "wondering" and attentive. Besides saying things, listening is a very important skill too.

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