Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Body language - works in progress...

While Vint is busy with the noble task of getting her the very presentable looks, I have been busy with some opensim ambitions too - to experiment in the area of the problem of avatars facing east.


While it might seem nice to face the east, currently in opensim the position of your avatar "as you see it" on your screen, and the position of your avatar on the others' screens are different - "non-self" always face east - so if you see your friends are not facing you when on opensim - do not worry, they probably do! :)

Nonetheless, this is quite annoying, and I started some digging in an attempt to fix it.

This looked like a good chance to experiment with a SimpleApp - basically a "custom world", which allows the SL client to connect to it. The current simpleapp renders the files within the "bin" directory as draggable boxes. No, there is no 3d trashcan, so you can not delete the files.

After a bit of messing around, and fixing a few of exceptions, which prevented the event loop from executing properly, I got an odd-looking virtual creature running around in "squares" in the virtual sim.

I plan to use is as a testing field for my further experiments - it is quite an entertaining beast.

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