Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OpenSim crash hour party this saturday! :)

Zion/Ruth is back, with the latest revision AND the physics running (which means you can walk on prims!) - unfortunately in this process I've had to convert it into the single-region setup for the time being. The objects got lost due to the fact that now *everything* in opensim is stored in sqlite databases - woot! (which means hopefully I should be able to preserve the content going forward).

Now, to the important news:

This saturday, at 10am PDT (a.k.a. SLT), which is 7pm CET, we plan to make a "crash hour" on OpenSim - to see how many avatars will be able to connect at the same time.

The logins are either as usual - Testa User..Testz User, or you can drop a comment here and I will create your own very personal login on Zion/Ruth, where the event is going to take place. All the passwords will be "test", for simplicity reasons.

Amongst the current news - the minimap should be fully functional now, with green dots appearing and disappearing. Thanks to MW for the hint about the child agents, which were responsible for the duplicate dots.


dandellion Kimban said...

Should we organize the bet?
It falls on... let's say.... 37th rezzing.

Dalien said...

Since the money stuff is not there, hard to do the balances :-)

Opensource Obscure said...

I'm going to bring some friends on Saturday - fellow italian residents. Last week, 5-6 people came with me on Zion. Very, very cool!

Could you please create an half-dozen of accounts as Ita1, Ita2, Ita3 ... ?

This would be useful because I think that if I am logged on Zion with a -let's say- Testa User, and another person logs in with the same name, I got disconnected.

Also, if we aim to go over 26 concurrent avatars we should have more accounts than Testa -> Testz User.

What's the policy to build on Zion, if any?

Dalien said...

Ok, Actually thanks to your post I've discovered I had messed up with the permissions - so the personal accounts nor the database did not get saved (yickes! sorry!:)

Now Zion has Testa User .. Testz User with password "test", and also Test1 User ... Test1000 User - also with password "test".

I think this should definitely be enough for the capacity testing :)

Policy for building: well, no pr0n, no "stolen" content, that's probably it :) And, again - at the moment I can't promise any SLA regarding the data there - so for the stuff you upload - keep the local copies...

I'll test later today if the DB *does* actually save and survive the restart (not sure how did I manage to mess it up in this way, need more coffee and/or sleep, maybe :)

dandellion Kimban said...

I bet all my initial 1000L$ :D

Dalien, if you deleted user base, open me another account, please. Thanks.

dandellion Kimban said...

ok... just to send my human for some cigs and a dring with bubbles and I am there....

Anonymous said...

I just found that my uri for Zion was wrong. Could you post it ?


Doug Randall

Dalien said...

Doug, it's - as we discussed on IRC :)