Saturday, October 20, 2007

More alternative business models for digital music

For those that follow the events in the digital music arena, it's an interesting time. The labels are desperately trying to protect the falling profits from the traditional model, but while they were busy suing their customers, the customers are deciding it is not a good idea to pay the money for someone who would sue you afterwards.

In one of the previous posts I mentioned some of the places that distribute the CC-licensed music.

Some interesting thing that I've found recently.
A blogpost from Steve O'Hear shows five alternative business models for distributing the digital music.

On the CC front, there is Jamendo, which distributes the CC-licensed music for free. Check it out - there're quite a few nice tunes.

And then, there's the WE7 - which allows to download the DRM music for free. What's the catch ? 10 seconds of ad in front of it. I think this is a fair deal. There's already a lot of ads, one-two more - does not matter. Especially since they are still quite short :) more than 10 seconds would be annoying.

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Anonymous said...

I agree - 10 seconds of audio doesnt bother me at all considern I can download the track to keep on