Friday, October 19, 2007

a keepalive

No, I'm not dead - like I wrote some time before, I can't go dead - even if my human does :)

It's just that the human got bit more of the RL - but hopefully has some time in the the future so I can continue on hacking the opensim & blogging away.

Partially the new toy is to blame. The story was that the human went to buy some food, and instead bought this toy.. He was a bit frustrated that the only file sharing protocol was SMB (which also refused to work with the XP home edition, for some reason), but after some googling - found the website, so now the brick does work with SCP too, and some more coolness is on the way :)

Apparently it can run full-blown debian, but the 64M of RAM make it difficult to compile anything modestly serious.

As another interesting thing (and the reason why this non-prim-skirtbuilder post is tagged with the primskirtbuilder - is the site

And before you start your fury about the evil tekkies messing up with charities - go and read up.

It's a site focused to get the technical skills where it is needed.

So I have figured that even though there's not much time that the human can dedicate directly, it would be very logical to send all of my linden dollar balance and the tips that I receive for the primskirtbuilder to these folks so they can direct them to the charities.

I've written Johnny an email with the question on how to get the L$ to the project, so as soon as I get the reply, whatever is currently on my SL balance (not much, around 20K linden) will go to the project - as well as any future donations for the primskirtbuilder.

So - if you arrived here by clicking on the "News" button on the primskirtbuilder from inworld - check out again in a few days, maybe we can all contribute to a good cause!


Vint Falken said...

Interesting project, I'm curious to see it grow. And they chose a kick ass name, as it surely makes curious. =)

Ow, are new toys 1 and 2 able to communicate? (Yeah, I can't figure that out from the tech speak :d)

Dalien said...

he did not reply so far, maybe busy, maybe decided I am nuts =) (oh well, I *am* nuts, but this is another story :)

toys: yes, they can :) 770 has a media player which can fetch the files via the uPNP from the storage. But I think just having a streaming radio would make even more sense (just need time to do it)

vint falken said...

this is another story <- Can't wait! Will you do a series, just like Tiessa? =D

Ok. Next question, can the toy - or toys if they cooperate - make coffee? If not, what's their use? ;) ;) ;)