Monday, October 1, 2007

work-in-progress: interdomain teleport

Today I wrote a piece of code to allow the teleport between two disparate standalone sims.

Actually, it should work between the grids as well, possibly.

It's a huge fun.

The only problem seems that teleporting between the regions which are "overlapping" (have same sim coordinates) disconnects the viewer. I suspected this to be a problem, and have a workaround in mind for it, which I will test later on.

But I think that being able to teleport between the disparate sims and grids will be a very useful thing, and will allow to investigate the interesting questions of distributed inventory and distributed balance.


Vint Falken said...

Daltonic airlines, sim travels? ;)

Dalien said...

heheh yes, but it is still ahead :)

at least the principle seems to work. one can have "overlapping" sims. Still will need to change the code to ensure it works "cleanly"..

but in the future it promises to be fun...

vint falken said...

*books already some seats for Daltonic Transsim airlines* ;)