Friday, October 12, 2007

L33t X-tended Barbysp33k

Read the dandellion's fears about the barbyworld.

The crux of the problem: the chat is menu-based. Yes, only preset phrases :-)

But - c'mon, people! It is not all that bad. I think it is a great innovation even.

1) much less space is used to store the chats - since they can be indexed by a single byte of data (12 "hi and bye" messages, 12 "questions", 12 "answers", 12 "friendship" messages, 12 "say what?" messages = 60 in total).

2) this can be used to *enhance* the mental potential of the barbiegirls, and to speak stuff in relative privacy, without the parents knowing about it.


there are 2 protocols:

1) EZzZeeGirl(ttm)
2) L33tGirl(ttm)

during the start of the conversation, the handshake is used to select the mode of the conversation.

Proposal of the EZzZeeGirl protocol: "Hello..." - if the other side responds with "Hello..." - then the continuation follows the EZzZeeGirl protocol (see below)

Proposal of the L33tGirl protocol: "What's up?" - followed by "Hey!" - and the further communication happens in L33tGirl protocol.

The responder side may choose to refuse the proposed protocol by responding "Long time no see!" followed by the proposal of the alternative proposal. If the sides can not agree on the communications protocol, the negotiation gets torn down by either side by "gtg. let's chat later" which means the unwillingness to communicate in menu-based chat, or "Be right back..." followed by a one-minute pause, after which the subsequent communication falls back onto the MenuSp33k.
There is another proposal - "I dunno" - which is reserved for the future extensions, and allows to switch over to the other protocols and negotiations that may be defined in the future.

The protocols description:

EZzZeeGirl protocol:

each menu option corresponds to a letter in the latin alphabet. in the brackets there is the name of the menu for that item, for easy navigation.

"A" = "Awww! thanks for the gift!" [say what?]
"B" = "B posh pets (tm)" [answers]
"C" = "Can't wait to come back here" [say what?]
"D" = "Do you have a pet?" [questions]
"E" = "yEah" [ answers ]
"F" = "oh, that would be Furni Fever(tm)" [answers]
"G" = "Gtg. Let's chat later" [hi and bye]
"H" = "Hmmm... lemme think about it." [answers]
"I" = "I like your name. It's pretty cool!" [friendship]
"J" = "i would totally wear that! no Joke!" [friendship]
"K" = "have a great day, K ?" [friendship]
"L" = "Lol. u r funny!" [friendship]
"M" = "i'm gonna check out a Movie!" [say what?]
"N" = "long time No see!" [hi and bye]
"O" = "gotta gO!" [hi and bye]
"P" = "Peace" [hi and bye]
"Q" = "the b chick boutiQue(tm)" [answers]
"R" = "cool Room" [friendship]
"S" = "that is Sweet!" [friendship]
"T" = "That rocks!" [friendship]
"U" = "U R such a style queen!" [friendship]
"V" = "i loVe your outfit!" [friendship]
"W" = "What's up?" [hi and bye]
"X" = "thanKS!" [answers]
"Y" = "heY" [hi and bye]
"Z" = "this is fun!" (the very last item in the menus) [say what?]
" " = "i just sent you a message!" [say what?]
"?" = "why?" [questions]
"." = "okay" [answers]

That rocks! Hmmm... lemme think about it. I like your name. It's pretty cool! that is Sweet! i just sent you a message! Awww! thanks for the gift! Lol. u r funny! Lol. u r funny! gotta gO! What's up? that is Sweet! i just sent you a message! That rocks! gotta gO! i just sent you a message! That rocks! Awww! thanks for the gift! Lol. u r funny! have a great day, K ? okay

L33tGirl protocol:

the protocol uses the least significant bit first binary encoding, and allow to transmit the full ASCII table, as well as arbitrary binary data (file transfer - e.g. sharing favourite tunes).

ASCII mode: "Awww! thanks for the gift!" [say what?]
Binary mode: "B posh pets (tm)" [answers]
0: "yeah" [answers]
1: "okay" [answers]
end of byte: "no, thanks" [answers]

Space-wise, the overhead for both protocols is comparable - since the second uses 4 bytes per bit, so the ASCII would use 4*8 = 32 bytes, plus the end of byte sequence.

However, the L33tGirl has the added advantage that the user has to learn the ASCII bytecodes - which may be a helpful skill in the future. And as the connectivity options become better and better, the volume of the data transmitted is not a problem anymore.

We hope that this proposal is beneficial for all the involved parties.



Zippora Zabelin said...

*looks for her handkerchief to dry her cheeks* Some people always can see the positive side in things, LOL. And agree, it needs some brainactivity, yes :)

Vint Falken said...

LMAO *steals Zippora's handkerchief*

No invites for some quality 1 on 1 playtime under the 'P'?


CB said...


r4d d00d, 4lm05t p33d mah l33t p4nt135!

<3 XD