Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The future of reputation - a book

A review of what seems to be a book on a very interesting topic.

(Oh, and don't forget to read the comments. They are even more fun than the topic, the book, and the review all together :).

As a side note: I'd be so interested if someone has managed to create a mathematical model (even approximative) of the society without the "omnicomunication", and with that capability, and run a long-term simulation on the two. Information superconductivity.


vint falken said...

Indeed, may I borrow your copy afterwards? =)

PS. Did you read the good news in the below comments? ;)

vint falken said...

Stumbled over this review too:


Dalien said...

My copy: when/if I get it :) I mainly put the entry as a bookmark for myself not to forget in some future :)

the below comments were just funny :)

And the second review: interesting.

Interesting quote: "The key question is how much control we ought to have over the spread of information about us,"

Which makes me think - pffff. Once you told *someone*, (well, besides the various written confidentiality agreements and such, regulated by law) you can consider it to be public knowledge.

And well, if someone writes something on the blog - there is no question anymore whether there is "any control" over that information.

vint falken said...

Tao Takashi wrote something interesting regarding that batch of 'social networking sites' everywhere. Keep the data on the local pc, and pick for every site what they are allowed to use (hence you do not need to re-enter the information each time). (<- very short hopeful summary)