Friday, November 2, 2007

LA flights are now flying in SL

Stumbled on the (the text is in russian). One of the possible sources - SLNN.

Basically, seems like now the folks from SL can look at the airspace above the LAX (Los Angeles International airport) inworld, almost realtime.

Although the pic on the russian site does show the 3d view of the airspace, and the SLNN article mentions the "zooming" on the aircraft - I wonder whether this kind of location is the most practical form :)

Flying all around the sim, trying to find the aircraft is more of an entertainment value, than practical use. At least they should provide a convenient billboard which would TP the interested avatar into the current location of the plane, so they do not have to search for it :)

The next step is to equip the airplanes with built-in translucent LCD screens in the windows - so the passengers could see the glazing avatars on the outside :) But this is much more expensive. And there might be some nervous types out there who might not like it :)

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