Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Git as a local tool for "staged commits"

Very interesting. I am using the git locally to help with my own "mess management" (i.e. to allow me to backtrack to the last "known good state"), and was wondering about reasonable way to actually perform the commits to SVN from it.

So, here it goes: http://ropeonfire.blogspot.com/2007/10/using-git-svn-with-mono.html

The open question though is, whether it is really a good idea to squash a few small commits for the subtasks into a single large one... From the understanding perspective of each individual commit - no, it's better to have smaller commits. From the perspective of having less "noise" in the log, it would be nice to have bigger chunks though. (Assuming they do not overlap).

Hmm... maybe it is a convention thing... Just create a unique prefix for each "task", and start the commit logs with it. Then it will be possible to view the smaller commits logically grouped together.

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