Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opensim Physics tests on

Ok, today there we had a lot of fun.

First, we logged in:


Then we started chatting a bit:


Then someone from the folks put up a pile of colorful cubes with physics, and dropped a huge ball on it, so the things started to fly all over sim:


Then we throw a few bombs, to cover up (thanks nebanon for the video!):

And finally, there was a huge mess, so we put it up for sale. It's cool and colorful. So it's worth a lot of money!


Any buyers ? :)


vint falken said...

If I buy it, I understand it comes with all content there, so it includes the avatars present, no? :D *offers her full balance of RuthDollars*

Dalien said...

Oh, that part might be troublesome - as we found yesterday, the current load capacities are not terribly high, so some avatars might slip off during transportation :)

vint falken said...


vint falken said...

Oopz, disregard the one above:

Hmmm. Ok... I'll take just you and Nobody. Should be able to handle this... =d (but that means I'm paying 2k Ruth Dollars less too!)