Saturday, November 10, 2007

A few interesting comparisons of Mercurial and git

Being a curious and lazy beast at the same time as I am, I was wondering what the world has to say about another distributed SCM - Mercurial (hg). And as the traits are best seen in contrast, I was looking for the "Mercurial vs git" info.

Well, the harvesting did bring some interesting results. shows an interesting comparison alongside with a few more links, which I won't reproduce here - go and read for yourself.

From what it seems, neither is terribly superior to the other, probably more a matter of personal preference.

I very much like the fine-grained modularity of git - it goes very well with my own philosophy that instead of having a single entity that attempts to do everything, one is much better off with a lot of small tools, each doing only one thing, and doing it well.

But since so far I've used it just as a local version management control tool, hard to say.. Well, I guess the time will show.

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