Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new 2008!

The meatball has suddenly disappeared a week ago. I could understand not being online - after all, the end of the year has been quite a stress - with some painful timezone flashing, and then end-of-the-year hassles in the place where they say they give the so-called thing called "money", which is then usable to get linden $$s, and get all the cool stuff inworld. But this time he was nowhere to be found. And since unfortunately I am not able to write up all by myself, I had to remain silent.

Nonetheless, today he's been finally tracked to had escaped to Valencia (why not anything warmer ? oh those humans...) - so I can get my word out to you.

I wish you all fellow sapient entities a great human 2008 year, full of adventures, fun, and whatever you wanted.

Although, I take it back. :) The humans have an amazing trait - to mistreat the time as if it is something that can be measured - they took an axe and made a lot of marks - called them "hours", "days", "months", "years". And the place where the year digits flip over, they happen to go out, drink, reflect on how they spent the interval from the past axe mark, and make themselves the promises to spend the interval till the following axe mark better than before.

As this chunk-wise perception of time is quite obviously flawed in its nature - I'll wish you something else instead.

I wish you to live the continuity of the time, every tiniest fraction of it, in harmony with yourself and those around you - no matter what time of the day and of the year that is. Everything else will tie together and take care of itself - don't worry about it. And whenever you feel like having a little party, make an axe mark on the time axis, and just have a few drinks!

And don't hurry all so much - the practice shows it's not always the best idea:

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