Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ok. I have to admit a sin... I logged on to SL :)

And what did I do ? You will never guess.

I went hair-shopping, as I figured it's time to again adjust my SL and RL avs to look coherently.

Step1: there's no men's long hair, so don't even try.
Step2: go to Gurl
Step3: pick up the nice hair for L$1
Step4..Step10: pick up various other hairs for L$90...L$150
Step11: wear the L$1 hair.

So, noone can complain I did not support the SL content creators and such.

The end result, which I find somewhat amusing:


Then I somehow got into a weird discussion about AI, religion in general and scientology in particular.

So, if you see my photo in the back of the car, surrounded by a bunch of cute gals - it was all where the religions debate ended...


What can I say: I wish all the religious debates ended like that, I would be the most religious person in this universe! Promise!


dandellion Kimban said...

My granmama used to say: "always choose thy company for religious talk". And she was right, you know.
I really don't know why you had to go under the sea at the end. :D

Enzooo Sellers said...

Amazing work ... It will help me a lot to run the R.O.M.E. project.

I'm going to find a way to contribute to opensim. Maybe my XML and web services skills can be helpful somewhere.

And yes, religion is a useful tool, but here in France, scientology is prohibited, despite Tom Cruise contacts with our president.


Enzooo Sellers