Sunday, January 6, 2008

Your next window manager for X

I've been using fluxbox for quite a while now - I think for a couple of years.

What are the perks ? very small, very fast, allows the flexible keyboard bindings (including the multikey bindings). Classical unixy thing of "do one thing but do it good". (And by the way, do not ask me why I do not use KDE or Gnome - if I wanted to use them, I'd probably switch to Windows with Cygwin anyway :)

Yesterday while looking around on Eigenclass, I've stumbled across the reference of WMII, and decided to give it a shot - it looked very interesting - and indeed it is.

Basically it allows to do very similar operation as I had in fluxbox, but the auto-tiling and tagging is just way too cool.
And I think it should reflect on productivity with the desktop - we'll see how it behaves during the work week and whether I can survive the shock of change ;)

The only remaining matter is how it will work with multi-screen (I am using two displays which are two X11 screens), but it seems, like there should be no problem - that guy uses 5 (FIVE!!!) displays in a similar config.

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