Thursday, January 10, 2008

0xFF: the banks

As comes from the title, this is post number 255 :) and I noticed - uh oh - the banks are not permitted anymore in SL. Amusing. Let's see what this gives to economy. I am curious.

One notable comment on the blog:

"SOME (not much, though) sympathy for the ‘investors’. Face it, a game/simulation environment like SL is a far better place for children (I am referring to behavior here, not chronology) to learn the hard facts of economic life than IRL!"

Very insightful.

Now, the next step is to require all the business owners have an official registration as a business entity. As well to have all the funny money incomes declared.

p.s. it is not for no reason that you just get a L$1000 when you have opensim, and are not able to use them anyway :-)

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