Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life is like a zebra...

Veyron posts a sad story with projections of the future. Reading it, I remembered an old anecdote, which I enjoy.

Two old friends meet each other:
1: how are you ?
2: all right, the business is flourishing, I just bought a new villa, I have a great wife and wonderful smart kids. And yourself ?
1: totally bad, my wife has run away from me with a circus clown, I have no job, and I am in a total distress...
2: don't worry - life is like a zebra - there are always stripes - black stripe, then white stripe, then black stripe, and then always white stripe again - so just keep going!

The same pair of folks meets some time later:

2: so - how is it going now ?
1: you know what... your saying about life being like a zebra... it was so true... Except, last time when we talked - it was actually a white stripe...

Conclusion#1: it can and will always become worse than now.
Conclusion#2: enjoy and value what you have while it lasts.

Argh. Looks like I did not really succeed in making a humorous post, did I ? :-)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha :D

Anonymous said...

hehe i have heard a similar version of the joke, except it goes, "life is like a zebra, white stripe, black stripe, white stripe, black stripe, white stripe, a**"

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haha thank you for making me smile, I really enjoyed this story, it is too funny and I have had a similar anecdote like that one!