Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are average faces beautiful ?

Ok, time for a relaxing post to just waste your time :-)

On one of the /. discussions I've found a nice link: you can check out the experiment that showsthe average faces of humans. The idea is simple - they have a bunch of photos, you select those that you want to "average together", and judge the result. The common theory is that the most "average" faces are considered the most beautiful. (Although I guess the technical details on how to actually "average" the pictures must be less than simple, unfortunately the page with the "computer graphics methods" seems to be not present :(

Highly entertaining, and indeed the "averaged" results seem to be more aesthetic - albeit they seem more artificial - and the perception is - younger ? A very odd effect.

It's pretty tough for me to judge the attractiveness of averaging the guys' "averaged" faces - maybe some of the female avatars reading this blog might spare their opinion ? (Of course, I assume there are still left those that did not get scared off by my recent flurry of the half-coherent geek blabber :-)


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