Sunday, December 16, 2007

Free hugs: free as in beer or free as in speech ?

Stumbled across the Free hugs post from Tymmerie.

The first reaction - "argh. the bloody consumerism. 'come and get yours for free! the next batch is at a discount!'" type of thing, or "Genuine! as shown on TV!" - which is probably convincing to some - but to me is more a sort of badmouthing. They won't show anything all too good on TV these days, imho.

But then, thinking of it - a hug from a total stranger that you would not see anymore is indeed truly "free". Just let them hang around bit more - and you will get entangled into the web of obligations and promises. If you stay longer - you might get even deeper - it would be called "family" then. Totally trapped.

So - since these offered hugs do not have any binding properties (although, take a careful look at the back of the sign - they might have written something in small letters there!), indeed they're free, not in the TV-ad-sense, rather in the true sense.

But for some reason the value of these feels much less.

For some things you'd rather forfeit your freedom...


Anonymous said...

Personally, all my hugs are open source.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Awwww....they are totally free of obligation...given with warmth and a chance to cop a feel if you are bold enough.

Now come get some sugar, Grumpy. :-P