Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dalien landless, no more sales for primskirtbuilder from me (for now, at least).

heh. appears I'm (finally) out of land where the thing was being sold. Hence, not selling the primskirtbuilder anymore.

The copies should be around, and if you apply a certain effort, you might find a free copy.

The exercise did teach me an interesting lesson - apparently the value of "free" is not really understood nor appreciated, and if you put a decent price tag, people seem to be MORE willing to get it.

The never ending wonders of the human soul... Oh well, they wrote exactly that in the MBA book. It's good to confirm the theory by practice.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but my english is very bad.
I search your new relise but i sontfind it.
Can u help me?
my al name is giulia janus

Anonymous said...

For many marketing people, its a known fact that if the creator offers something for free, its assumed the creator places little or no value on the product, and so the buyer treats the product as valueless as well, and therefore not worth acquiring. If you charge a fee for the product, the buyer will assume it has value and be more inclined to acquire it.

Klip Klaar said...

Hi Dal,
I could offer you space for free, if you want. Contact me inworld.
greetings, Klip

Ice said...

It's sad to hear that!

Free doesn't mean "valueless"... It only means that the creator is generous !

If you want, i can give you a place for free in my land too.

If needed, call me (same name inworld).


Anonymous said...

Hello Dalien, I have found a few days ago you primskirtbuilder for free, but don't remember the land, I'm sorry. It's a good tool and I want to tip you. Where are you?

Carmela Diavolo

Anonymous said...

hey I love the skirt maker and yes I got it for free, i see now how much it helps i am in a new grid and we don't have them there . some try to make one but failed .

so Sir i bow for you thx so much if you find the kindness in your heart make one work for me in the GCG ( Great Canadian Grid)hugs

Aoife Modan